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6 Reasons Why Desktop Accounting Software Is Better

If you are considering doing accounting on cloud based systems, you might want to think again. Although some are turning away from off the shelf accounting software, there are still many solid reasons why they are more advantageous than online accounting solutions. The low cost to get started with cloud accounting is enticing but have you ever considered that the long term recurring cost to host the system could be …Read More

New SOCSO Requirement – Employer to pay SOCSO online

Hey employers! From 1 January 2018,  you are expected to use the Automated SOCSO Integrated System (ASSIST) portal to register new employees, update their records and make online monthly contributions. he Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) will no longer be issuing physical 8A forms. The ASSIST portal will be the only platform for employers to handle contribution related matters. SOCSO urges all employers to download the registration form from SOCSO website …Read More

Things You Should Know When Opening a New Company

Many believe that the only way to secure a bright future is through setting up their own business. Hence, many tend to work and save up to start a company and build their own business empire. However, it is not as easy as how some may imagine. Here are some things you need to know in order to become an entrepreneur. 很多人都明白,工字不出头,唯有创业才能够保障自己的未来。因此,当通过打工筹集到一定的资金以后,便会想要创业,创建自己的商业王国。但是,想要创业,并不是像买菜那么简单,有些知识你不可不知。在这里,我就整理了一些创业必知的知识,希望能够帮助到大家。       You can’t not know about …Read More

The must have software to lawyers – Lawyer Client’s Account

Lawyer Client’s Account may sound foreign to many, but to lawyers, it is a much desired system and it is currently sparse in the market. Here’s how this system can help lawyers lessen their workload. Lawyer Client’s Account对于很多人而言,或许是个相当陌生的名字。但是对于律师楼而言,却是多么的渴望拥有这个系统,不断寻寻觅觅,奈何市面上却并不多这样的系统。以下我就简单介绍下这个系统如何有效地帮助律师楼,减轻他们的工作重担。     We know of accounting systems that are everywhere in the market, however little is known about Lawyer Client’s Account. Well, Lawyer Client’s Account is an accounting system specially tailored to …Read More

GST Tips on Input Tax

Despite the implementation of GST in Malaysia for more than a year now, there are still many businesses with very little knowledge about it, so here are some tips on GST to share with everyone. 虽然马来西亚已经开始了GST一年多的时间,但是相信还有很多的商家对于GST一知半解,所以在这里和大家分享一些GST的小知识。   When we purchase a taxable goods or services from a taxpayer, they will charge us a consumption tax. To the average consumer, this consumption tax is like any other tax item. However, to …Read More

Get TAS at Zero Cost With Govt Grant!

Apply for Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) grant before it ends this year! It is a simple to apply and easy to use voucher valued at $5,000 to encourage SMEs to develop their business capabilities. SMEs can use the voucher to upgrade and strengthen their business operations in the areas of productivity, human resources and financial management. The supportable integrated solutions include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Accounting System and …Read More

India to Start GST Implementation in July

Why implement GST? India’s complex tax system has been a major challenge for foreign investors. India has 27 states; each state has its own government and parliament and they have the right to their own jurisdiction of the goods, services, the implementation of different tax rates and tax law. Among them, most taxes are collected twice by both the central and local government agencies. The taxes that Indian taxpayers used …Read More

Tourism Tax to be Implemented in Malaysia

According to latest news, Malaysia will begin to implement tourism tax in August. Is this good or bad for people working in the tourism industry? By having tourism tax in this time of economic downturn, it will no doubt increase the burden of tourist and they will be more cautious when it comes to spending. A tax charged at a specific rate to a tourist staying at any accommodation premises …Read More

The Importance of Manpower

When economy is facing downturn, how well is your company at managing its manpower? Is your company considering job cut or retrenching its employees to survive this crisis? Think twice before you actually do that! Manpower affects everything in a business from production to client relationships. Without adequate and supportive manpower, a business will never be successful. The staff should be well trained on their tasks while managers should know …Read More