With Million Accounting Software, you can manage your company accounts, monitor your company health, and make right decisions—all these lead to your business’ over-all efficiency.

Million takes pride in its simple application software with strong support by its competent technical team. You can make the best use of our application software by giving us a phone call, fax, or email. Our proficient technical team can provide remote access support and on-site service.

Our team of consultants can provide assistance in customization of formats and reports, as well as data migration from excel. We can also assure you that we can be available for on-site setup and configuration, as well as set up of master file or charts of accounts.

Strong Support by our strong technical team

  1. Telephone
  2. Email
  3. Fax
  4. Remote Access Support
  5. Onsite Service by our consultant

Other Jobs

  1. Customization of formats and reports
  2. Data Migration from Excel
  3. Onsite Set Up & Configuration
  4. Set Up of Charts of Accounts/ Master File
    For any support enquiries, please call 64680054 or email