If you’re getting an accounting system, why not add on an invoicing module? Here’s a few reasons why adding an invoicing module is worth the extra money:

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[themecolor]1. Auto-synchronisation[/themecolor]

Any changes made to invoices and more will be reflected in Accounting according. It ensures that the numbers and statement tallies and you won’t have to work double jobs.

[themecolor]2.  Auto-generation[/themecolor]

Generate GST Form 5 automatically with Accounting and Invoicing system to save time and increase work productivity.

[themecolor]3. Project Costing[/themecolor]

With this function, you will be able to do profit and loss comparison between projects.

[themecolor]4. Recurring transactions[/themecolor]

Similar transactions? Extract information from past Sales Order or Receipt to avoid doing it all over again.

[themecolor]5. Preset Prices[/themecolor]

Assign different prices to different customer groups once and for all. No need to remember or refer to price list anymore.

Still wondering why you need an accounting system? Head over [themecolor]here[/themecolor] to find out having one  can benefit your business!

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