Every business requires an accounting software to keep track of revenues, expenses, customer information, and any other financial data. Designed for accountants, what makes Million Accounting Software stand out from others?

Here’s how Million Accounting  Software helped Axer Consultant:

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[themecolor]Multi Company[/themecolor]

Create unlimited company database for you and your clients at no additional charge.

[themecolor]Multi Currency[/themecolor]

Need to work with different currencies? Million has it all covered! Now you can save the trouble from having to convert currencies.

[themecolor]Mobile Licensing c/w USB Key[/themecolor]

Work smartly and flexibly. By having a dongle license, you will be able to from any computer at any time.

[themecolor]Multi-User License[/themecolor]

Add up to 10 users in a multi-user license so everybody can work together at the same time to increase productivity and reduce time lost.

[themecolor]No yearly subscription[/themecolor]

Pay only once to have full access to your accounting software, no hidden cost! You will also get to enjoy FREE software upgrade for life.

[themecolor]GST Compliant[/themecolor]

Approved in Singapore and Malaysia, you can generate a comprehensive list of GST reporting reports and statutory reports.


For more information, view our demo video here:

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