Salesmen spend a considerable amount of time travelling from one place to another and that time wasted can be a liability to the business in the long run. With the advancement of technology, we are now able to minimise time lost and maximise productivity even while commuting. Mobile sites in particular aim to provide people with flexibility and greater access to information at all times. This is why Million Business Solutions has created new platforms to help customers and their clients.


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Highlighted features for Salesman Portal:

  1. [themecolor]Do cash sales / Sales order  |  现金销售 / 销售订单[/themecolor]

Salesmen can take order from their smartphones to secure deals immediately. It reduces the usual manpower needed and time consumed to do so as salesmen can only issue sales orders when they are back in the office.



  1. [themecolor]Check outstanding payment & collect payment  |  检查欠款及收款[/themecolor]

While salesmen are at the customer’s place, they can check customer’s outstanding payment and collect it on the spot on their own instead of having to call the finance department to check. This lessen the finance department’s staff’s workload so they can focus on other tasks. Chasing payment through phone calls have often proven to be tedious and inefficient thus with this function, salesmen can assist in collecting payment when facing customers directly.

当销售人员见客户时,他们可以现场检查客户所欠的数目并且直接收款,无需再打电话给财务部门。这减轻了财务部人员的工作量,让他们可以专注于其他的任务。用通话形式收款并不总是有效, 因此有了这个功能,销售人员能够在见客户时协助收款。


  1. [themecolor]Assign customer to salesman  |  将客户与推销员配对[/themecolor]

Build personal relationship with customer by pairing them with a salesman that can understand and cater to their needs. Salesman will be able to track their customer online and follow up accordingly.



  1. [themecolor]Track salesman’s location  |  检查销售员的当前位置[/themecolor]

When salesmen are hard to contact when they are in a meeting, you can now track their location when they log in to the portal.



  1. [themecolor]Check sales report  |  检查销售报告[/themecolor]

Salesperson will be able to check invoice issued and amount of sales made with just a few taps.



Highlighted features for Customer Online Portal:

  1. [themecolor]Raise purchase orders  |  下采购订单[/themecolor]

Customer can raise purchase orders by logging in to the portal instead of calling or emailing the supplier. This helps the company to save time from answering calls and emails and placing orders.

客户无需打电话或是发电邮,只需登录网页即可下采购订单。这样一来公司可以从减少接听电话、 发电邮和下订单的时间。


  1. [themecolor]Check past orders  |  检查过往的订单[/themecolor]

Customers can trace back past purchases and order accordingly. There is no need to memorise product name or number.


To find out more, take a look at this demo video 欲了解更多详情请看网上示范:

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