Importance of a License

When we purchase a set of software, the supplier should not only provide us with the software but most importantly is a registered license. License is like the heart of a set of software for without a registered license, the software cannot be used after its set-up period. Therefore, license is very important to a system!

Types of License Available

There are generally two types of license in the market, Coding License and Dongle License. Most of the software uses serial number for software registration. For example, anti-virus softwares requires user to key in a bunch of serial numbers for activation so that the license can only be used for that particular computer and is non-transferable unless license is deactivated from the original computer.

Dongle license is less commonly found but is still present in systems such as  Million. Accountants can work from home by plugging in the dongle to another computer. Unlike coding license, it does not require any deactivating.

There are no right or wrong answer to which license is better as it all depends on user’s’ preference. Here is a brief analysis of the advantages of these two licenses.

[themecolor]Dongle License:[/themecolor]

1)     Easy to carry – For accountants who like to do their accounts out of the office, this is an important feature to have as the license can be transferred from one computer to another freely

2)     No settings required – There is no need for any settings, accountants can start using the software once the dongle is plugged in

[themecolor]Coding License:[/themecolor]

1)     Convenience – It frees up an USB port unlike dongle license

2)     Cost effective – For coding license, the price is quoted according to the number of users there are whereas for dongle license, you are charged either a multiple user license or a single user license and hence could be more pricey.

3)    There is no need to worry about losing or damaging your license unlike having a dongle, though rare but can still be vulnerable to damages. Users who might be worried of such problem occurring can choose coding license.

To cater to the many needs of our customers, Million software is able to provide both types of licenses that best suits you. Let Million grow with your company!





一般上,在市场上的License分为Coding License和Dongle License两种。多数的软件都是使用代码(serial number)来注册软件,就好比防毒软件,他们会用一组号码输入进去激活(activate)你的户口。因此你的license只能用于这架电脑,无法转移,除非你解除(de-activate)你原来那架电脑的license。

而Dongle License虽比较不常见,但还是适用于系统中,比如百万会计系统。因为方便携带,很多人会把会计带回家做,他们只需把Dongle plug in进另外一架电脑,就能拿到license,而无须像Coding license需要解除另一架电脑的license,才能激活另一架电脑。


[themecolor]Dongle License:[/themecolor]

1)     方便携带 – 对于喜欢把账带回家做的Accountant而言,这一点非常重要,因为license不会锁死一架电脑,他们可以随时把license转移去别架电脑。

2)     设定简单 – 无需做任何的设定,只要把dongle plug in进去,就能够使用。

[themecolor]Coding License:[/themecolor]

1)     节省空间 – 无需占用一个USB port给予License Dongle

2)     节省成本 – 一般上Dongle License卖的license不是Single user license就是multi user license,不理会你有几个user,就是直接卖你multi user license的价钱,因此价格会比较昂贵,如果是用coding license,就能够根据你买几个user,给你相对合理的价格。

3)     无需担心Dongle遗失或损坏 – 虽然说Dongle损坏的情况很少见,但还是不排除有这种可能性。有些用户或许会担心这样的问题发生,所以Coding License就能够化解他们的忧虑。

Million Software就拥有这两种截然不同性质的license,视乎客户的需求,给予大家多一个选择,多一些方便,就让Million和你的公司共同成长吧!

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