Business TeamWhen economy is facing downturn, how well is your company at managing its manpower? Is your company considering job cut or retrenching its employees to survive this crisis? Think twice before you actually do that!

Manpower affects everything in a business from production to client relationships. Without adequate and supportive manpower, a business will never be successful. The staff should be well trained on their tasks while managers should know how to lead.

What to look for in an employee:

[themecolor]Learning Attitude[/themecolor] – Employees should be willing to learn to keep up with the advancement in technologies and business trends.

[themecolor]Willingness to Take Responsibility[/themecolor] – Everyone plays a role in the company therefore employees should be willing take on tasks and projects.

[themecolor]Likability[/themecolor] – Employees can’t avoid each other when working in the same environment. It’s important to find people who can work well with one another.

[themecolor]Ability at Multitasking[/themecolor] – To be able to succeed in this business world, employees are expected to be able to cover a variety of roles when required.

[themecolor]Diversity[/themecolor] – To ensure that you business is all-rounded, hire employees who have different personalities and experiences.


How does manpower affect your business:

[themecolor]Productivity[/themecolor] – The more staff you have to work, the faster the task can be done. The lack of productivity reduces profits and affects your reputation, which may result in the failure of a business.

[themecolor]Customer Relationship and Sales[/themecolor] – Companies can establish and maintain good rapport with their customers if they can ensure good manpower to keep the production and delivery promises they make. This in turn will generate more sales and more revenue for the company.

[themecolor]Accountability[/themecolor] – With more employees in the company, they will be be able to band together to lobby for better treatment  if they are treated unjustly. Therefore, manpower is important for keeping companies accountable.

How to retain good employees:

[themecolor]Communication[/themecolor] – Greet employees by name, maintain eye contact and use the right tone when speaking. Good communication helps to establish trust and make employees feel attach to the company. Communication also includes listening to the concerns and feedbacks of your employees. As communication is a two-way process, your staffs should be able to talk to you freely as well.

[themecolor]Growth[/themecolor] – Provide opportunities for nurturing and learning to take place. Allow career advancement and give stimulating tasks. Your employees will feel assured if you let them know what future plans you have for them so they can strive to be better.

[themecolor]Rewards[/themecolor] – Recognise your employees’ hard work means you are appreciative of them and this helps to create a stronger relationship. Be it through bonuses or verbal praises, be sincere and specific about what your recognition.

[themecolor]Security[/themecolor] – Never threaten to fire an employee or cut their pay in any situation. This creates fear and uncertainty and is a sure way to drive away all your employees.

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