Lawyer Client’s Account may sound foreign to many, but to lawyers, it is a much desired system and it is currently sparse in the market. Here’s how this system can help lawyers lessen their workload.

Lawyer Client’s Account对于很多人而言,或许是个相当陌生的名字。但是对于律师楼而言,却是多么的渴望拥有这个系统,不断寻寻觅觅,奈何市面上却并不多这样的系统。以下我就简单介绍下这个系统如何有效地帮助律师楼,减轻他们的工作重担。

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[themecolor]What is Lawyer Client’s Account? 何谓律师楼会计系统[/themecolor]


We know of accounting systems that are everywhere in the market, however little is known about Lawyer Client’s Account.

Well, Lawyer Client’s Account is an accounting system specially tailored to lawyers. The most important data to them is no doubt their customer’s information and the lawyer firm’s deposits and expenditures. This system will be able to help them find information with ease and provide them with all the necessary reports.

在市场上,我们都知道Accounting system (会计系统),但是对于Lawyer Client’s Account却所知甚少。

事实上,Lawyer Client’s Account就是为律师楼所量身定做的会计系统,对于律师楼而言,什么资料最重要?毫无疑问,就是所有客户的资料以及他们在律师楼内的存款与支出。而这个系统,就能够简单的帮助他们获取这些资料,而且也能够提供他们所需要的一切报表。


[themecolor]What are the benefits of Lawyer Client’s Account? 律师楼会计系统的优势[/themecolor]


Now that we know the importance of Lawyer Client’s Account to a law firm, here are some benefits of the system:

1)    [themecolor]Extract customer’s information easily[/themecolor] – In a law firm, there are thousands of reports and files to look at hence one of the greatest concerns of a lawyer is how to find information quickly and accurately. A Lawyer Client’s Account is capable of extracting customer’s data instantly via a variety of filters, such as case number, file category and even customer’s ID or phone number.

2)[themecolor]Client’s cashflow in law firm[/themecolor] – One of the most important to a law firm is the ability to find out if client still has left over balance with them in a swiftly manne. The law firm definely  necessary for a system to know exactly where each client’s cash flow as they help a lot of clients’ keep money.This kind of functions is especially necessary for lawyers dealing with the sales and purchase of house.

3)[themecolor]Detailed reports[/themecolor] – Lawyer Client’s Account is actually a simplified accounting system, although it does have the full-fledged financial reports that accounting systems have, it still provides many important documents, such as Ledger, Trial Balance and Client Statement.

可想而知,Lawyer Client’s Account对于律师楼的重要性。


1)[themecolor]方便查询客户资料[/themecolor]  –  在律师楼,客户的资料可谓成千上万,因此如何快速以及有效地获取客户档案,是律师楼极为关注的。而Lawyer Client’s Account就能够很有效的帮助到律师楼提取客户资料。你能够用各种各样的方式找到你所需要的资料,例如档案号码(case nol),案件类别(file category)甚至于客户的基本资料如身份证号码或电话号码,都能够轻易帮助到律师们寻找到相关的资料。

2)[themecolor]客户在律师楼内的现金流向[/themecolor] – 这也是律师楼极为看重的一项功能,能否轻易知道客户是否还有余额在律师楼内,律师楼保管着众多客户的钱财,因此绝对需要一个系统能够清楚地知道每一个客户在律师楼内的现金流向。尤其是处理房屋买卖合同的律师,更是需要这样的功能。

3)[themecolor]详细的律师楼报表[/themecolor] – Lawyer Client’s Account其实就是比较简易的Accounting system,虽然没有Accounting system那么完善的财务报告,但是也能够提供一些很重要的报告,如Ledger, Trial Balance, Client Statement都能够从Lawyer Client’s Account打印出来。



[themecolor]What is the difference between Lawyer Client’s Account and Accounting System? 律师楼会计系统和会计系统的区别是什么?[/themecolor]


既然Lawyer Client’s Account那么好,是不是意味着可以不用买会计软件,用Lawyer Client’s Account取代呢?

Since the Lawyer Client’s Account is such a good system, can you replace your accounting software with it?

Answer is no, you can’t.

Although the Lawyer Client’s Account can handle a lot of things, there is still a difference from an accounting system. The Lawyer Client’s Account only records the client’s information, but is unable to provide financial reports such as Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet for the company.

Therefore, a complete law firm system should consist of a Lawyer client’s account and an accounting system.


虽然Lawyer Client’s Account能够处理很多东西,但它和会计系统还是有区别的。最主要的区别在于,它只是记录Clients的资料,却无法提供公司的资料予以报账。因此像Profit and Loss Account和Balance Sheet这类的必备财务报告,它并无法提供。

因此,律师楼必须同时间拥有Lawyer Client’s Account以及Accounting system才能算是真正的完整。