Million Inventory On-The-Go Tool serves well for Retail/Wholesale companies. With the advancement in technology, Million Business Solutions had been able to create new platforms to help customers and clients maximize productivity. This is crucial in sustaining and improving growth among companies.

For example, our customer (who do not wish to be named) who supplies ingredients such as sauces, spices and many more to hawkers, caterers and restaurants had reached out and shared their experience using Million Inventory On-The-Go Tool.

Their daily operations include receiving orders from customers, packing required ingredients into boxes, doing stock checks daily and delivering orders before 6pm. Having only 10 drivers to deliver to 150 different locations islandwide in Singapore, drivers are spending too much time outside doing deliveries only. This reduces the productivity of workers as they do not have time to complete other tasks.

Wondering how to maximize manpower, Million Inventory On-The-Go Tool allow drivers to receive orders from customers when they go for deliveries and at the same time check and collect payment from them. This tool is very user-friendly and easy to use such that employees that are not tech-savvy are also able to utilize it.

Million Inventory On-The-Go also caters well to customers with recurring orders. Customers are able to place their order via the On-The-Go customer portal. Employees will then be able to start packing as soon as they receive the orders, greatly reducing the time and manpower from having to pick up phone calls and replying emails. This tool is a great example of how Million Business Solutions help customers maximize productivity!

Check out their story below:

 Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 09.57.23

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