Located in Kluang, Gate Café was founded by ten friends that shared the same set of beliefs. The name Gate Café was derived from their mission and objective, which is to fulfill the stomachs and souls of those who enter the gate.

Being a new business, the owners feel that it is imperative to have a complete system to help in assisting their daily operations. The owners emulated that the reason why they chose Edgeworks POS system and Million Accounting & Stock Control Software.

Many big brands such as Old Town White Coffee and Muji Café & Meal uses Edgeworks POS system. Edgeworks is able to produce accurate cash sales transactions which will be linked back to accounting and stock module for real time posting of stock and accounting transactions. Hence, GST charged in daily cash sales will be real time posted into accounting and ready for GST submission.

Edgeworks comes with a simple touch screen for cashier’s processing. Every transactions saved will be posted real time to Million Accounting & Stock Control Software. With a fully integrated system from front end sales to back end accounting, it will automate labor and paper intensive process to raise efficiency, cut cost and raise cost competitiveness.

They also reflected that the hardware and software of the system are of very high quality and it helps in improving customer experience. Plus, the owners feel that EdgeWorks is not just a system that helps to manage front end operations, but also systemizes and streamline to other backend activities such as accounting systems. This helps in strengthening their inventory and reducing administrators’ workload significantly.

Watch their story here:

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