A payroll system is imperative for every company to possess as employers have to pay employees for the work and services they have contributed to the company.


An effective and efficient payroll system is one that files employee’s taxes and organizes employee payments. These tasks include tracking of their working hours, calculating salaries, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivery pay checks and paying employment taxes to government.


The latest trend among accountants is to provide payroll services to earn extra income and build up their customer base. Pan Asia Corporate Services are a group of certified Public Accounts with years of experience in Accounting, Tax & Business Consultancy.


Pan Asia Corporate Services have been providing accounting and payroll services using Million Accounting Software. Spencer Yin, the principal consultant, had reflected that the software is very easy to use and stable.


Having introduced Million Payroll System, they decided to give it a try and realized that the software can generate numerous useful reports that can benefit their clients. It has also been reflected that the best part about Million Payroll System is that only one affordable price can meet the demand of unlimited companies.


Spencer Yin had voiced out that this has allowed Pan Asia Corporate Services to save a huge amount on costs and with that saving, they are able to pass on to clients and provide payroll services at affordable prices.


Watch their story here:

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