C & C Auto is a company based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia that specializes in electronic/audio system repair. They possess the necessary knowledge and tools to repair a wide range of products ranging from car audio systems to home appliances.

After the company became a stock supplier from a maintenance centre for brands such as Honda and Toyota, Cai Long Zhi, the person in-charge of C & C, reflected that they have been searching for a way to help expand their business in a way that is not time extensive.

Salesmen spend many hours travelling from one place to another and these time wasted reduces the productivity of workers as they spend more time travelling than completing other tasks.

With the advancement in technology, mobile sites are great in allowing salesmen to access information anytime and anywhere. This improves flexibility and minimizes time lost which directly improves the productivity of employees.

Having found Million Inventory On-The-Go, C & C is now able to complete their tasks faster and in a more straightforward way. For example, they are able to check their stock balances easily and answer to their customers immediately even if their salesmen are overseas. They are still able to cater to customers while travelling, allowing the company to grow and improve without the expense of time.

Watch their story here:

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