[themecolor]“This operating system has been locked for security reasons.”[/themecolor] [themecolor]“You have browsed illicit material and must pay a fine.”[/themecolor] Ever seen these messages while surfing online? This is a scam employed by cyber criminals through
Salesmen spend a considerable amount of time travelling from one place to another and that time wasted can be a liability to the business in the long run. With the advancement of technology, we are now able to minimise time lost and maximise productivity even while commuting. Mobile sites
Every business requires an accounting software to keep track of revenues, expenses, customer information, and any other financial data. Designed for accountants, what makes Million Accounting Software stand out from others? Here’s how Million Accounting  Software helped Axer Consultant:
If you’re getting an accounting system, why not add on an invoicing module? Here’s a few reasons why adding an invoicing module is worth the extra money: [themecolor]1. Auto-synchronisation[/themecolor] Any changes made to
The following guide provides step-by-step instructions for the changes in Million Payroll Software. [themecolor]Payroll 170317 (Malaysia)[/themecolor] [themecolor]Payroll 140517 (Malaysia)[/themecolor]
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