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One of the most important aspects of any business is efficient inventory management. Not having control of inventory, you will not be able to ascertain you will have enough inventory on hand to handle the needs of your customers. Especially for Retail, Wholesale, Distribution and Restaurant business, inventory management is time-consuming and high-risk involving work.

With a large number of products or items, it is impossible for the human mind to keep track how much stock are left or what are the goods that are sold out. Other major issues include inventory mismatch and theft. All of these can be solved through the use of an efficient and advanced Inventory Software.

Million Accounting & Inventory Software

Million Accounting and Inventory Software includes all the basic accounting functions (Accounting Software), Sales Invoicing (Invoicing), and inventory functions in the Million Accounting System. With the use of our software, businesses will be able to greatly reduce the cost of labour as our software automates the process of inventory management, monitor the availability of inventory and involves smooth transaction of data. Plus, our system has the ability to generate a wide variety of inventory reports and produces notices of Transfer and Supplies status.

At the same time, our system supports outstanding reports and recurring invoices. Information can also be transferred or copied from any type of document in our system.

As a cost-effective and convenient all-in-one software, from customer creation in database to bidding to inventory tracking, Million Accounting & Inventory Software allows your system to integrate with other systems, such as POS Systems and Sales Order Utility.

This integration ability from our software assists in restructuring core business processes in improving service quality and inventory management between field operations and office administration. Automation of processes that require high levels of HR and administration results in our software to be more cost-effective, improve competitiveness and build an efficient system for recording tax transactions.

Feature Highlights:

  • Able to handle MULTI company transactions
  • Real-time integration to Million Accounting
  • Real-time update of Stock Level
  • Outstanding Deliver Order/ Sales Order
  • Multi Location
  • Stock Valuation Method for individual items:
    Fixed Cost/ Average Cost/ FIFO


  • Print Quotation/ Sales Order/ Delivery Order/ Invoice
  • Print Cash Sale/ Credit Note/ Debit Note
  • Purchase Order/ Purchase Invoice
  • Stock Card
  • Stock Balance
  • Customer Sales Analysis
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Location Reports

Million Inventory On-The-Go (Value-add Solution)

There is an increasing need for a mobile software so that users will be able to access and print information wherever they go. Hence, Million Accounting and Inventory Software comes with a value-add Million Inventory On-The-Go Tools which allow users to access through any smartphones as long as there is internet connection.
With this add-on solution, users can get more things done by taking orders from smartphones and checking sales reports anywhere, anytime! Link platforms to your Million Accounting and Inventory System so all changes will be sync automatically. Customers can raise their own purchase orders through specially designed online portals so you can better allocate manpower.

Salesman Mobile Portal:

  • Do Cash Sales/ Sales Order
  • Check Outstanding Payment & Collect Payment
  • Assign Customer to Salesman
  • Track Salesman’s Location
  • Check Sales Report

Customer Online Portal:

  • Raise Purchase Orders
  • Check Past Orders

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Million Point-of-Sales System for Retail

Million POS System produces accurate cash sales transactions which will be link back to
accounting and stock module for real time posting of stock and accounting transactions.
Hence GST charged in daily cash sales will be real time posted into Accounting and ready for
GST Submission.
Million POS System comes with a simple touch screen for cashier’s processing. Every
transaction saved will be posted real time to Million Accounting & Inventory Software. With
a fully integrated system from front end sales to back end accounting, it will automate
labour and paper intensive process to raise efficiency, cut cost and raise cost

The key objectives of Million POS System integrated to Million Accounting is to

  1. With an integrated solution, it helps to restructure core business processes in order to
    enhance quality service (quick sales turn-around time, sales analysis) and stock
    management between front and back end operations.
  2. To automate labour and paper intensive process to raise efficiency, cut cost and raise cost
  3. To establish an effective system to capture GST transactions and GST receipts for GST
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