Feature highlights:

  • 3 pay rate types – monthly, daily and hourly
  • Overtime calculation at rate of 1.0 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times or 3 times
  • Annual and medical leave tracking
  • 17 allowances and 15 deductions available for customisation
  • Generation of statutory forms: CPF Form 91 and IR8A
  • SDL & FWL table for monthly deductions
  • Supports CDAC, MBF, SINDA etc. deductions


A) Statutory forms: CPF Form 91 & IR8A B) Management Reports & Operation Documents
  • Payslip
  • Pay Summary: Basic Pay/Allowances/Deductions/Overtime/CPF
  • Personnel and Payroll Report
  • Leave Reports – outstanding leave v. exhausted leave
  • Work Force/Turnover Analysis
  • Net Pay by cash/bank
  • Yearly Employee Pay Summary

PSG Pre-approved Solution:

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Time Attendance System:

Time Attendance Tracking and Calculation System automates the tracking of individual
employee via biometric facial recognition device or mobile app to replace the manual hard
copy time sheets, improving the accuracy of data and reduce human errors for better
projection on the labour cost for each project.
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Automatic lateness deduction
  • OT calculation for different rates
  • Daily Attendance notification
  • Seamless integration w/ Payroll

E-Leave System

E-leave platform allows employees to apply their leaves electronically online via web
browser or mobile phone. This is a paperless, convenient, fast and easier way than having
hardcopy leave forms.
Our E-leave is fully integrable with Million Payroll System. All types of approved leaves will
automatically link up to our time attendance and payroll system.

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