Protect yourself from virus outbreak

As the number of confirmed nCoV cases continues to increase, the government has urged businesses to take further measures to provide workplace safety.

Some suggestions to include in your Business Continuity Plan (BCP):

👨‍💻 Consider split team arrangements

🏠 Allow backend staff to work from home where possible

🌡 Temperature screening of staff and visitors

To ensure that your business continues to prosper in this time, you can consider using Internet User!

How Internet User can benefit your business:

  • Minimise human contact by working remotely.
  • Your employees can continue to work from home when on LOA.
  • Multiple users can access accounting and payroll software from homes at the same time so work efficiency is not compromised.
  • Back up solution should your workplace have be evacuated for disinfection.

Stay vigilant and act fast. ☎ Contact us for more information today! ☎


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Track Employee Attendance, Lateness and Overtime

Kickstart 2020 with a Time Attendance Tracking and Calculation System that automates the tracking of individual employee via biometric device to replace manual hard copy time sheets, improving the accuracy of data and reduce human errors for better projection on the labor cost for each project.

  • Real-time Attendance Tracking
  • Automatic lateness deduction
  • OT calculation for different rates
  • Daily Attendance notification
  • Seamless integration with Payroll

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